I’m guessing — like me — you want to make choices that are better for yourself, your family, and the planet. But with so much confusing information out there, it’s hard. Maybe you feel like everyone else has already figured out this whole “green living” thing and you’re playing catch-up.

Welcome to Honest and Simple.

My mission is to inspire you to take baby steps to healthier living and encourage you to leave the overwhelm, confusion and guilt behind.

I believe that we’re never behind as long as we’re taking steps forward. So let’s stop comparing ourselves to everyone else and commit to doing this together.

What You’ll Find Here

Honest + Simple offers fresh ideas for natural DIY skincare and beauty purchases, easy and healthy recipes, less toxic cleaning solutions, and suggestions to make simple swaps in your daily products and habits. Since I love to research everything, there’s some internet myth-busting, too. I invite you to start by browsing the topics below or checking out What is Green Living Anyway?

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